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Active participant in the telecom industry since 1984.  From the very start Louis has been involved with telecom for People & Machines, many years before the current popular acronyms such as 4G, 5G, RAN, eNB, EPC, IOT, LTE, etc. 

Currently the Vice President of Business Development at Redline Communications, where he is responsible for broadening Redline’s reach into new markets, with a focus on the company’s Virtual Fiber & LTE products as well as the wide variety of services.  Louis developed Redline’s Oil & Gas practice and is also responsible for many strategic accounts and ecosystems relationships.  Prior to Redline, Louis worked for industry leader including Alcatel-Lucent, Coppercom, Xylan and Paradyne.

Past president of CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) and currently serves on the board of director of ENTELEC, a member association catering to the industrial market including O&G.